Oakland Officer Faces Second Charge of DUI

Many people believe that police officers should be held to higher standards than ordinary citizens. In some cases, even an off-duty DUI can irreparable damage a police officer’s career. One California police officer is facing not his first, but his second charge of being intoxicated, as the Pleasanton Weekly reports.

37-year-old Bryan Budgin, an officer with the Oakland Police Department, is named in a lawsuit filed in October, 2016 in which Budgin, along with three other officers, are accused of civil rights violations. According to the suit, Budgin was one of four officers who were intoxicated when they tried to enter probation officer Olga Cortez’s house, assaulting the woman and her husband in the process. Budgin was ultimately dismissed from the lawsuit, but the attorney for the Cortez family is trying to gain the evidence to reinstate him as a defendant.

More recently, Budgin was arrested for alleged DUI and resisting arrest.

The incident occurred late last Wednesday, September 7th. Budgin was driving along Interstate 580 in the Pleasanton area when he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. Eventually, the CHP arrested Budgin on charges of DUI as well as resisting arrest.

Dublin was booked into the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, but was able to post the $10,000 bail required and was released from custody.

The Oakland Police Department would not clarify if Budgin is still on active duty. They did admit to being aware of the situation.

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