Not Guilty Plea In DUI Murder Case

In California, a DUI is taken even more seriously by the courts if there is a minor in the car at the time of the arrest or accident. There are two ways that a prosecutor can charge a person when a minor is in the vehicle at the time of a DUI. The first is for the prosecutor to add the enhancement charge “DUI with a minor.” The second is for the prosecutor to add an additional child endangerment charge. If you are charged with the sentence enhancement, you will face additional jail time. If charged with both charges, you will face the jail time for the DUI plus the jail time for the child endangerment charge.

My News LA reports on a man facing murder charges after a DUI accident claimed the life of his four-year-old daughter.

29-year-old Kendrick Travon Harris of Lancaster is facing murder and other charges stemming from an accident last year on July 3rd that killed his 4-year-old daughter, a passenger in his car.

Authorities believe that Harris was driving under the influence when he crashed his vehicle into a utility pole. The accident took place at the intersection of Avenue K and 20th Street East in Lancaster.

Kilee, who is Harris’ daughter, was killed in the accident. Two other children, aged 5 and 9, were injured but survived. They are also Harris’ children. Harris has been in custody since being arrested last July 6th.

On Tuesday, January 29th, Harris pleaded not guilty to a murder charge in Kilee’s death. Harris is also facing several other charges relating to the accident, including three counts of child abuse.


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