Northridge Crash Deemed A Hit-And-Run DUI

California law requires that a driver stop if they have been in an accident where there is property damage and, of course, when there are injuries. Leaving an accident without stopping is a crime known as hit-and-run. There are many reasons why a person may commit a hit-and-run and being intoxicated is a reason in a good number of cases. If a person commits a hit-and-run while being intoxicated, they will face both charges. DUI charges can be enhanced in California if a DUI is added to the driving under the influence charge. These charges can become more complicated if people are injured in the accident.

NBC Los Angeles reports on a hit-and-run DUI accident in Northridge.

Authorities believe the driver responsible for not one, but two collisions in Northridge on Sunday may have been under the influence.

The first crash occurred at about 6 p.m. near the intersection of Louise Avenue and Plummer Street.

This crash was apparently caused when the driver slammed into another vehicle while he had been fleeing from a crash that had occurred moments earlier. Witnesses to the first crash were following the suspect in an attempt to get identifying information from the vehicle for police. Police stated that they discovered open cans of beer in the suspect’s car. 

The second crash caused a vehicle to roll over, and in total, six people were injured. The driver, who was in and out of consciousness, was also taken to the hospital.

Police are working to obtain a warrant to search the suspect’s vehicle.

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