North Hills Driver Crashes into Metro Bus

The Daily News reported on a bus crash that could have been the responsibility of a DUI driver. Here’s what we know about the situation.

The North Hills bus driver was stopped at a light when he felt a “bump”. Upon investigation, he saw a car had run into the large bus. The car’s front end was completely crushed. The incident happened at Sepulveda Boulevard and Nordhoff Street.

Police believe that the driver of the car was intoxicated and charged her with felony DUI. It is unknown how injured the driver was after the collision.

The bus was only lightly damaged. Neither the driver nor any of the 8 passengers reported any injuries.

Any collision with a heavy vehicle is likely to cause major damage to the lighter one. Heavier objects can survive more force before breaking. Often people are quick to judge the larger vehicle for causing an accident, but there are also many people who take risks with larger vehicles. The results can be rather traumatic.

This incident happened late at night. Who knows if it was DUI or fatigue? The court will have one opinion. Let us present yours. If you live in the Los Angeles area, contact our legal team today for a free consultation about your DUI case.

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