New Twist in Fatal Apartment Crash

You may have heard the recent story about the boy who was pinned to death in his home after a car crashed through it. There is a new twist to the situation that could get the driver who plowed into the home off the hook, despite being charged with DUI.

Detectives recovered video of the deadly night on December 1st and found there was a second vehicle involved. On the 9th, a man surrendered to the police and said that he was the driver of the other vehicle. On the tape, the man is seen entering a car and making an U-turn directly in front of the driver, corroborating her story of being cut off that she told the police prior to her DUI arrest.

The man’s grill was knocked off the front of his vehicle, leaving the evidence the police needed to track him down after he fled the scene. A warrant was issued and he surrendered peacefully.

The original accused driver has not been charged. Prosecutors are now debating if they want to file charges or not for her role.

This is a great story to demonstrate that the first impressions of the media or of the police aren’t always the correct ones. The police were wise in this case to look for further evidence before proceeding with charges.

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