New Training Unit Formed to Instruct DUI Prosecutors and Officers

California legalized the recreational use of cannabis this year and the police are stepping up to find drivers who are intoxicated by cannabis while driving. Just because it’s legal now doesn’t mean you can operate a motor vehicle while high. It’s still DUI.

KHTS reported that Los Angeles County is creating a new division to train officers and prosecutors how to recognize and fight cannabis DUIs, as well as give new training on alcohol DUIs. The District Attorney’s office wants to make sure that any new cases that come forward are prosecuted correctly now that California has joined the few states that have legalized cannabis, a substance that has been illegal for decades.

Prosecutors and officers will be instructed on evidence types and what is needed for a successful prosecution. The quality of evidence will also be discussed. The hope is that this new training will keep more DUI drivers off of the streets and strengthen new cases.

As DUI defense attorneys, we also hope this will lower the number of frivolous DUI arrests based on bad evidence. Even just getting your name mentioned in the paper about a DUI can sully your reputation for years. If you are arrested for DUI, you need to fight back so you can lower your chances of conviction. And if you are guilty of a DUI, we will work to get you into a treatment program and out of jail so you can get help.

Do you live in Los Angeles County? Don’t wait after your DUI arrest. Call our offices immediately for a free consultation.

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