NCIS Star Charged with DUI


In today’s world, it is not uncommon to hear stories of celebrities engaging in behavior that regular people often find themselves engaging in. After all, they are only human. However, not every DUI makes the news for us regular folks.

Last week, Hollywood star Michael Weatherly was busted for DUI by the Los Angeles Police Department. Weatherly stars in CBS’s long-running crime drama NCIS as the character Vincent DiNozzo. The celebrity gossip magazine TMZ reported that the star was arrested at around 1 a.m. Police initially stopped him for speeding, but soon suspected DUI and administered a breathalyzer test. The test showed the actor was, indeed, well over the legal limit.

Weatherly was detained for over 15 hours before being released. Since this is his first offense, he was released without bail. However, the LA City Attorney has filed two charges of DUI against the actor. He may have to spend as much as six months behind bars if convicted. However, a jail sentence is unlikely for the actor.

Weatherly had recently undergone a health transformation, losing some 35 pounds before returning to the set to film the latest season of the hit television show. He cited diet and exercise as the keys to his success. This latest adventure may have set him back a little.

Weatherly’s agents were contact at the time of the incident. They have yet to reply with comment.

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