NBA Player Gets Probation for DUI

Basketball player Lawson

Ty Lawson, a point guard for the Indiana Pacers, now knows his sentence for his DUI case in Denver, Colorado. He will serve a year on probation. This decision comes after the judge in the case rejected pleas for jail time from the prosecution.

Lawson, a former Denver Nugget, had been arrested twice last year on DUI charges. One arrest was in Los Angeles and the other took place in Denver. The arrest in Denver came in January and the arrest in Los Angeles came in July. Lawson also had two previous cases of DUI that did not count against him. One took place in North Carolina while Lawson was a minor. Offenses committed as a minor do not count as priors in adult cases.

Chris Curtis, who handled the prosecution for the case, stated that Lawson needed to spend at least a month in jail. Lawson has never had to suffer consequences for his behavior and as a result, his behavior has not changed.

Lawson’s lawyer argued that the prosecution was treating Lawson more harshly because of his celebrity status. He argued that almost no others get jail time for a first DUI offense.

Judge Olympia Fay agreed with Lawson’s attorney. However, she did have a warning for the athlete. She warned that he was on a bad path and needed to make changes before someone got hurt.

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