Multiple Injures and Deaths On Golden Valley Road

There’s an old folk belief that drunks survive injuries due to being more relaxed when such accidents occur. That folk belief may be backed up by science. A study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago revealed that a higher blood alcohol level seems to increase the odds of surviving trauma. Author of the study, Lee Friedman, analyzed 190,612 patients treated at Illinois trauma centers between 1995 and 2009 and found that with the exception of burn injuries, mortality rates of traumatic injuries fell the higher blood-alcohol content raised.

Being intoxicated, however, is no guarantee of survival. KTLA reports on a suspected drunk driver that succumbed to his injuries in an accident.

An unidentified driver suspected of being under the influence was killed and three other people were injured in an accident on Wednesday.

At about 10:50 p.m., a man driving a white Honda Civic along Golden Valley Road. He turned left onto Dorothy Street while he had the red arrow. This caused him to pull into oncoming traffic, causing a collision.

The driver succumbed to the injuries he sustained at the scene. His passenger, 29-year-old Katherine Powell sustained moderate injuries.

The driver of the other car, a tan Toyota Sienna, was airlifted to Northridge Hospital, as was his three-year-old child. 48-year-old Richard Oldhafer, the driver, suffered a broken rib and bruising.

All those who were injured in the accident had seat belt abrasions. The driver who died was not wearing a seatbelt.

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