Multiple DUI Checkpoints Over Memorial Day Weekend

Pedants may say summer starts next month, but for most Americans summer starts on Memorial Day. It’s this weekend and it’s one of the busiest travel days of the year. It is also a time when police are on the lookout for all sorts of traffic violations.

No fewer than nine checkpoints have been announced for the Los Angeles area according to an article on While the focus of the investigation is on seat belt usage, you know that they’ll be looking for anyone who might be DUI as well. Here are the locations of the checkpoints:


  • Southeast L.A.
  • Figueroa Street at Meridian Street in L.A.
  • Vermont Avenue at 6th Street in L.A.
  • Washington Boulevard at Yale Avenue, Marina del Rey


  • Central L.A.
  • Hollywood
  • Topanga Canyon Boulevard at Chatsworth Street, Chatsworth


  • 77th Street in L.A.
  • Topanga area

If you’re looking to get somewhere in a hurry on these days, you may want to avoid these areas. Checkpoints can block a lot of traffic. But if you’re going for a day of sun, you have nothing to fear from these checkpoints. They don’t start until after 5 PM.

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