Motorcyclist Death May Be Due To DUI

In California, a DUI that involves an accident is treated more seriously than getting pulled over for a DUI. In all likelihood, the prosecutor in the case will attempt to seek heavier penalties if the DUI involves an accident. However, exactly what penalties and charges the prosecutor can seek will depend on the severity of the accident. If there are only minor injuries, a person could be looking at a DUI involving injury charge. An accident involving serious injuries can be charged as felony DUI causing injury. If someone in the accident is killed, the charges could be gross vehicular manslaughter, or even what’s known as Watson murder, depending on the circumstances.

The OC Register reports on a woman facing DUI charges in an accident that led to the death of a motorcyclist.

22-year-old Bryanna Neri of Fullerton was arrested on suspicion of DUI charges after causing an early morning multi-vehicle crash on Sunday.

The crash happened at about 2:20 a.m. on the eastbound 91 Freeway just west of Bloomfield Avenue.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Neri lost control of her 1995 Acura Integra and collided with a Tesla Model 3. The Tesla was being driven by 39-year-old Marlon Choyce. The crash left Neri’s car blocking the carpool lane.

About a minute after the initial crash, 55-year-old Joseph Fodor, who was riding a 2005 Honda motorcycle hit the Acura, which was unoccupied at the time. Fodor was thrown from the motorcycle and pronounced dead at the scene.

A few minutes later, a 2016 Jeep Cherokee being driven by 37-year-old Christine Nauta hit the Acura as well.

Neri, Choyce, and Nauta all emerged from the accident without injuries. However, the CHP arrested Neri on charges of suspected DUI.

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