Motorcycle Causes Chain Reaction Crash in Encino

A chain reaction crash on the 101 in Encino has lead to at least one death and one arrest for DUI driving. Here’s what happened according to NBC Los Angeles.

Six vehicles were tangled up in the final crash. The incident started when a motorcycle crashed into the back of another vehicle. The driver of the motorcycle is alleged to be drunk. A passenger on the motorbike was flung off from the impact. She was struck by at least one other vehicle and killed at the scene.

Then another vehicle crashed into the back of the motorcycle and caught it on fire. The driver of the motorcycle was able to get away from the flames with only moderate injuries. However, the rider was then arrested for DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

The accident happened just after midnight on Thursday. It took four hours to finally clear the scene.

The motorcycle rider will have to live with their passenger’s death for the rest of their life, regardless of the final verdict. Yet the state will pursue their own punishments. As is their right, the accused deserves adequate and competent representation in court.

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