More Testimony in the Coronado Bridge Crash Trial

An October 2016 crash that made headlines last year involving a Navy man who crashed his truck into a kiosk at a park during a festival is finally coming to trail. The accident, which occurred in Chicano park, killed four people. As the Coronado Patch reports, the naval aviation electrician will be standing trial for gross vehicular manslaughter and DUI.

It all began with a glass of wine and a beer at brunch, according to the accused’s friend. After drinking, they went back to her home for about an hour and when he left, he did not appear intoxicated.

Prosecutors, however, are alleging that 25-year-old Richard Sepolio was intoxicated when he crashed his pickup truck over and guardrail and into Chicano Park. The accident killed Annamarie Contreres, 50, and Cruz Contreres, 52, as well as 49-year-old Andre Banks and 46-year-old Francine Jimenez.

An officer who arrived at the crash noted that there was an odor of alcohol on Sepolio’s breath and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

Hours later, when he blew into an alcohol screening breathalyzer, he blew a .059 and .060 percent blood alcohol. An expert testified during preliminary hearings that his blood alcohol content could have been between .08 and .09 percent at the time of the crash.

Prosecutors also alleged that at the time of the accident, Sepolio was on the phone with his girlfriend and he lost control of the vehicle. Paul Pfingst, the attorney for Sepolio said that there was no evidence to suggest this.

If convicted, Sepolio faces 24 years in prison.

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