Mom Uses Daughter to Bypass IID

Interlock devices are now required for DUI offenders in California. These devices prevent drunk people from starting their cars by requiring them to breathe into a tube first. The device measure BAC levels. Some opponents of the devices say that it would be too easy for a drunk person to ask someone sober to blow into the tube. This latest case gives them more ammunition.

NBC Los Angeles reported on a national story where a drunk person used their young daughter to bypass the ignition interlock device. After the mother left, she promptly got into another DUI crash with her daughter in the car, then left the scene. She now faces DUI charges, a corruption of minors charge, and other offenses.

The accident happened in Pennsylvania, but it’s quite possible the same thing could happen in California. Studies on interlock devices do show that they help to reduce DUI, but this is a fundamental flaw in the design. Hopefully, manufacturers can find a method to ensure that the person with the device is the one who blew into it before the car is started.

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