Marijuana Test Kit May Soon Reach Officers

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When most people think of DUI arrests, they immediately think about drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, DUI can mean driving under the influence of any drug that can impair your ability to drive. While a breathalyzer is a reliable tool to diagnose driving after having consumed alcohol, there are fewer methods for other substances like marijuana.

Police have been searching for something that can test if people are driving while high on marijuana. British company Oxtox may have just provided a solution. It has a high efficacy rate, meaning that it is promising for law enforcement use and could spell trouble for those who smoke up and then drive.

Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Montata, Pennslyvania, and Washington all have specific limits to the amount of THC concentration one can have while driving before being considered to be under the influence. However, the laws are difficult to enforce due to the differences in which various individuals metabolize marijuana.

Arrests in Colorado have led to acquittal simply because blood tests cannot prove when you smoked, how much you smoked, and how it affects you. The Oxtox device may help law enforcement in obtaining more convictions.

The Oxtox device works by analyzing the THC in saliva with an electrochemical current generated on a disposable screen printed electrode. While the machine only has a 1% false positive rate, the machine has so far only been able to spot a smoker about 28% of the time. However, those who smoke regularly may still be rolling the dice anytime they get behind the wheel.

When it comes to impairment while under the influence of marijuana, a study done in February of 2015 concluded that stoned drivers are far less likely to crash than those who drive after having knocked back a few alcoholic beverages. The study went so far as to conclude that marijuana had no discernible impact on driving safety.

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