Man Convicted in Fatal DUI Crash


The accusation of a DUI is a serious charge. Those charges can be compounded to become even more severe when other charges are added. Particularly when an accident is involved, DUI can extensively complicate matters.

Last year, Juan Gabriel Rios was driving under the influence and attempting to enter the 10 Freeway when he struck another vehicle. The accident occurred near the Rosemead exit. The occupants of the other vehicle, an elderly couple, were injured. The wife, Kit Ching Leung, ultimately died from the injuries resulting from the crash. Rios’ vehicle went off the road and he fled the scene. Authorities were eventually able to track him down.

Last week, the jury trial resulting from the accusations was completed. Jurors deliberated for a day before handing down their verdict. The jury found Rios guilty of five felonies. The charges were severe and included second degree murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage causing injury, and hit-and-run causing death or serious injury to another person. In addition to these grave charges, the jury also found that Rios was guilty of a special allegation of personally inflicting great bodily injury during the commission of a crime.

Rios is set to receive his sentence in December in the Pomona Superior Court. The minimum sentence for his crimes is 24 years, but Rios could face as much as a lifetime of imprisonment.

If you or someone you know has been accused of DUI, getting an attorney to represent you should be a priority. An experienced DUI attorney can help you or your loved one navigate the complicated legalities of a DUI charge. Contact our office for a consultation.

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