Man Blows .16 on Breathalyzer

A man blowing into a breathalyzer


In Riverside, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, a man was charged with DUI after an accident.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours on Wednesday last week. Javier Jimenez, 23, was arrested after crashing his car into a retaining wall made of railroad ties. The scene of the crash was near the intersection of Park Place and Woodside. Though the scene is near a school, no children were injured.

Jimenez suffered minor injuries, but declined assistance from paramedics or transportation to a hospital. An officer at the scene detected the odor of alcohol on Jimenez’s breath. The officer then conducted field sobriety tests, which Jimenez failed.

Police also recovered packets of cocaine from the vehicle.

At the police station, Jimenez blew a .16 on a breathalyzer test. He also consented to a drug blood test. The test was sent to a lab for analysis.

Jimenez was charged with multiple violations, including driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, possession of a controlled substance, and other minor traffic violations. He was also found to have been driving without insurance and ticketed for this offense along with improper operation of a motor vehicle.

Jimenez was last arrested for DUI in May of 2013 in Chicago.

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