Long Beach Officer Tries To Get Job Back After DUI

Should a person lose their job after being charged with a DUI? In some professions – such as law enforcement and medicine, it is entirely possible to be fired or have your medical license revoked after being convicted of a DUI. These professions are often expected to be held to higher standards than the general public, as they are often put in the position of offering care or other services. The Press-Telegram reports on a Long Beach Police officer who says she should get her job back after a DUI.

Monique Glover-Hall was fired in November of 2016, following a spate of issues including an outburst at a Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride board meeting where she had to be physically restrained. She was also arrested for and pleaded guilty to DUI.

In late October, a judge upheld the most serious allegations against the officer but overturned one of the six accusations of wrongdoing. The matter was sent back to Long Beach’s employment commission.

For Glover-Hall, the incidents began back in 2014, when she was on a trip in Pittsburgh with other board members. According to witnesses, she grabbed her wife by the neck after seeing her speak to another woman.

In April of 2015, Glover-Hall had to be physically restrained and removed from a board meeting. She burst into the meeting shouting obscene language at a member who had been having an affair with her wife. She left the meeting.

However, the city alleges this violated policy because Glover-Hall failed to report the incident to the department.

In May 2015, Glover-Hall was also involved in an incident where she went on a tirade against a deputy while dealing with a restraining order. Allegedly, she threatened the deputy by saying she knew the sheriff and would have the deputy’s job.

The final straw came on July 22, 2015, when Glover-Hall was arrested for DUI. She had a blood-alcohol content of nearly twice the legal limit. She pleaded guilty to the offense in December and received three years of probation.

Glover-Hall and her attorney contend that she should have been suspended and ordered to undergo treatment, not fired.

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