Long Beach Liquor Store Permanently Loses License Over Fatal Halloween DUI

According to a recent story on the  Fox 11 in Los Angeles website, the woman who operated a Long Beach liquor store has pleaded guilty to giving alcohol to an underage man who was later involved in a crash that killed a husband and wife and their three-year-old son on Halloween 2019.

According to court documents, Amore Postestades Amacio pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of furnishing alcohol to a minor on Halloween night in 2019. This comes after Carlo Navarro was convicted of murder for his role in a fatal crash that took the lives of a young family as they were walking home from a family gathering.

Video footage shows the 60-year-old Amacio handing Navarro a bottle of liquor, telling him that he must pay her $25 the next day for the $16 bottle of alcohol. Prosecutors say that  Navarro told investigators that Amacio knew he was not of legal drinking age and had sold him liquor several times before that terrible night.

Amacio is now banned from ever holding a liquor license or participating in any capacity in any business involving the sale and distribution of alcohol in the state of California. She has also been sentenced to 364 days in jail, five years probation, and 720 hours of community service.

In addition, Amacio was ordered by the court to submit proof of at least $1 million in civil liability insurance that may be used to pay restitution to the surviving family members of the victims. 

“This is one of the most tragic events to ever happen in Long Beach,” City Prosecutor Doug Haubert told reporters. “There is nothing a misdemeanor case can do to bring justice to the family, but we hope this will prevent a similar tragedy in the future.”

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