Long Beach DUI Patrol Nabs Three DUI Drivers

DUI patrols and checkpoints are a regular occurrence in Los Angeles County. One just wrapped up in Long Beach. The Press-Telegram shared the results of the eight-hour checkpoint.

The patrol lasted from 6 PM on Saturday to 2 AM on Sunday and was specifically targeted to find DUI drivers. During the patrol period, 36 vehicles were pulled over. Six were given sobriety tests and three were arrested for DUI.

There were also citations written for unsafe driving, 10 in all.

These patrols help keep the streets safe, but they can hold a hidden warning for drivers. Sometimes an officer on these patrols, in an urge to do their job thoroughly, might pull over or even arrest someone who might seem like they are DUI, but really are not.

It is the job of DUI lawyers to test the findings of the officers and the court. The penalties for DUI in California are severe, so we must do our part to protect those who may be innocent. Yet far too many people arrested for DUI don’t have a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases.

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