Livestream Video Catches Alleged Fatal DUI Crash

Live streaming while driving has been at the center of controversy for having caused several accidents. Whether through Instagram or Snapchat, distracted driving causes more accidents now than other reasons. Being under the influence at the same time as driving while distracted will increase the chances of an accident. As the LA Times reports, one teenager is facing serious charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Nicandro Sanchez interviewed with the media alongside his wife. Sanchez is the father of 18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez, who is in police custody following an accident that claimed the life of her 14-year-old sister.

The entire accident was live-streamed via Instagram. The incident occurred on this past Saturday.

Obdulia Sanchez was driving north of Los Banos when she swerved off of the road and overcorrected, which sent her car back across the roadway and into a wire fence before coming to a stop in a field.

Jacqueline Sanchez, the 14-year-old sister of the driver and another teenaged girl were both ejected from the vehicle according to the California Highway Patrol. That teenaged victim, 14, was hospitalized with major trauma to her leg.

In addition to facing a drunk driving charge, the 18-year-old Sanchez is facing charges of gross vehicular manslaughter. She is in custody pending $300,000 bail.

The California Highway Patrol is reviewing the graphic Instagram video that shows the moments before, during, and after the crash.

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