Liquor Store Loses License After DUI Wreck

CBS Channel 2 / KCAL Channel 9 CBS Los Angeles reported recently that as a result of a motor vehicle accident in 2019 caused by an allegedly drunk young driver, a Los Angeles liquor store has had their license to sell liquor suspended for a period of 25 days. 

According to officials from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Green Diamond Liquor, located at 5331 Long Beach Boulevard in the city of Long Beach, received a 25-day notice of suspension recently. In a statement released to the media, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s stated the suspension renders the store. “immediately prohibited from selling alcohol until the suspension concludes on February 26, 2021.” 

This comes after the liquor store clerk who sold alcohol to the man accused of drunkenly causing an accident that killed three people was arrested  for his role in the incident. A Norwalk man, 56 years of age, was charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor resulting in great bodily harm or death, according to local authorities. 

According to the Long Beach Police Department, the accident that led to these events occurred on October 31, 2019 when a young man, 20 years of age, drove onto a sidewalk along Country Club Drive near Los Cerritos Park and struck a man 30 years of age, his wife, and their son Omar, three years of age. All three were killed. The young man was arrested and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol.

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