Lindsay Lohan’s Stepmother Arrested For DUI, Attempted Bus Hijacking

The drivers of tour buses and commercial passenger buses usually have to have a CDL license to operate the vehicle. Getting a CDL license requires more training than a regular driver’s license. In addition, in many states, the threshold for DUI with a CDL is also lower, usually to .04%. This threshold can be in effect even when driving their own personal vehicle. Of course, it’s never recommended that someone not having a CDL try to drive a commercial bus, and most definitely not while intoxicated.

The Daily Mail reports that actress Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother was arrested for DUI after attacking a bus driver and attempting to hijack the bus.

Kate Major, the stepmother to Lindsay Lohan, wasn’t expecting to spend Christmas in jail.

However, after being booked last Tuesday for DUI and assault, that is exactly where Major ended up spending Christmas night.

Major, who is 58, was traveling on a Beiber Tourways bus through Allentown, Pennsylvania when she became upset that the driver had missed her spot. Major told police that the bus driver assaulted her after she stood up to complain about her spot being missed.

The driver tells a different story.

According to the driver, the intoxicated Major became verbally abusive after missing her stop. She began pulling at the driver’s coat until she was kicked off of the bus. Major then got back on board the bus and into the driver’s seat. She began pressing buttons in what seemed to be an attempt to drive the bus.

Major was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the incident. One of the passengers was able to physically remove Major from the driver’s seat and police were called.

Major was charged with public drunkenness, driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

This is not Major’s first DUI incident. She spent time in prison in 2014 for a DUI.


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