Las Vegas Woman Facing Her Seventh DUI

KTLA  reports that authorities in Las Vegas have taken a woman into custody who now has 7 DUIs on her record. 

In October, Marion Reyes Rivero, 35, was convicted of her latest DUI in a Clark County Court. However, because of repeated delays, it took until Thursday, May 18, for her to turn herself in and be taken into custody.

Court documents indicate that Reyes’ first alcohol-related arrest came in April of 2007. She had additional DUI arrests in September 2010, April 2019, and February 2020, 

In June 2022, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles revoked Reyes’ license. She faced a sixth arrest in July of 2022. On Monday, November 21, Reyes appeared before the court. Prosecutors wanted to set Reyes’ bail at $50,000, citing her previous DUI arrests. However, Judge Stephen George set bail at just $5,0000. She was eventually released on bail.

On August 25, just a month later, Reyes was arrested for a seventh time by Clark County School District Police on the charge of DUI just hours after appearing in court to close out a prior DUI charge.

In one instance, Superior Court Judge Sam Bateman said he couldn’t set bail for Reyes because the official charging document had not yet been filed. Prosecutors cited delays at the Henderson Crime Lab and getting Reyes’ toxicology and blood alcohol report in time.

The judge admonished her and sentenced her to serve two days in the Clark County Detention Center and wear an ankle monitor.

Last week, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department issued an alert asking for the public’s help finding her. They claimed that she had cut off her ankle monitor. In a Facebook post belonging to a Las Vegas news station, Reyes commented that the jail had not put the ankle bracelet back on her when she was discharged.

“I never cut it off!” Reyes wrote in the comment section. “An officer cut it off when I turned myself in.”

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department, in a following comment, asked why Reyes didn’t simply turn herself in to “sort this out?”  Reyes surrendered the next day.

Reyes admits that in all of the times she was arrested for DUI, she could have killed someone. “I wanted to go to prison,” Reyes said. “I just wanted to get this done and over with.”

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