LAPD Sergeant Arrested For DUI

In Los Angeles, there are many law enforcement agencies that are responsible for enforcing DUI laws in the Los Angeles area. For the most part, the Los Angeles Police Department handles DUI arrests within Los Angeles city limits. When it comes to policing the highways within the city limits, an LAPD officer may make a traffic stop if they witness a traffic violation or have reasonable cause to think a DUI is occurring. Most arrests made on California freeways and highways, even those within the Los Angeles City limits are made by the California Highway Patrol. Sometimes, however, the tables are turned, and it is a Los Angeles Police officer who is arrested.

The LA Times reports on the arrest of an LAPD sergeant for DUI.

46-year-old Oscar Ontiveros, who is from San Pedro, was driving in the 1500 Block of East Ocean Blvd on Tuesday evening. His car allegedly struck two parked cars.

Police responded to the scene and were given a description of the vehicle by witnesses. They found the vehicle in the 200 block of Alamitos Avenue. Police say that Ontiveros appeared to be under the influence and was taken into custody.

Ontiveros is a sergeant who was assigned to LAPD’s Southeast Division, and an internal investigation into the alleged DUI has been launched.

Ontiveros arrest is just the latest in a string of alcohol-related incidents involving LAPD officers. Just last month, an off-duty LAPD officer shot a homeless man in a late-night brawl that occurred on skid row.

Weeks before that, Commander Jeff Nolte became embroiled in an investigation when his city vehicle was found wrecked and abandoned in Carson.

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