LAPD Officer Charged With Felony DUI In Palmdale Crash

The charge of DUI causing injury can be seriously life-altering. Though it can be charged as a misdemeanor, there are ways that a DUI causing injury charge can become a felony. One way that this charge can be applied as a felony is if it is a person’s third DUI causing injury charge. In this instance, it is always charged as a felony. If it is your fourth DUI charge, regardless of previous injuries. A fourth DUI ever is automatically treated as a felony. If the injuries are severe, the DUI causing injury can be charged as a felony.

CBS Local Los Angeles reports on an LAPD officer facing charges of felony DUI in a Palmdale crash.

At about 1:30 a.m. on April 26th, off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer Michael Anthony Keith was involved in an accident.

The accident occurred on State Route 14 approaching the scenic lookout Lamott Odette Vista Point, which is near Palmdale Lake.

Officer Keith was driving a 207 Honda Accord northbound and lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle slammed into a parked 2017 Mitsubishi. Two passengers inside the Mitsubishi were seriously injured in the accident.

Both of the injured parties were rushed to Palmdale Regional Medical center with critical injuries.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed that officer Keith was booked into the L.A. County Palmdale’s Sheriff’s Department station on charges of felony driving under the influence.


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