LAPD Issues 4/20 Warning

The Los Angeles Daily News reported recently that the Los Angeles Police Department issued a public statement warning revelers celebrating 4/20, a day that marijuana users worldwide celebrate by consuming copious amounts of weed products, that being high can still result in a driving while under the influence (DUI) charge. 

According to officials from the Los Angeles Police Department as well as representatives of the American Automobile Association, L.A. residents planning to partake of cannabis this weekend will face stiff penalties if caught driving while under the influence of pot. California penalties for driving while intoxicated, which includes being under the influence of reefer, can include potentially up to six months in jail, fines starting at $1400 and going up to $3000, and a misdemeanor on one’s record, for a first offense, as well as one to three years of probation. DUI becomes a felony on the third offense, if drivers are caught speeding, or if they injure or kill another person while drunk or high. 

It was found that up to 79% of drivers stopped for suspicion of DUI tested positive for THC, and 168 crashes in LA last year had at least one driver test positive for marijuana.  

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