LAPD Chief Has Strong Words For Misbehaving Officers

Police officers, like many public servants, are often held to higher standards than the general public. They are expected to set an example for the rest of us citizens to follow. However, like many of us, police officers enjoy having a drink or two in their downtime. Like many people, they also may make the mistake of thinking that they are alright to drive after a few drinks. This would be a mistake that could lead to an officer seeing charges that they might arrest others for doing. Fox LA reports on the thoughts of Los Angeles Police Department’s chief in regards to the public intoxication and drunk driving of two officers.

Glendale police responded to a call regarding a car that bumped the rear bumper of a Mercedes and then remained in the center of the road. Inside the car were two Los Angeles Police Department officers. It took Glendale Police 20 minutes to get them out of the car.

Video was recorded of the encounter.

Commander Nicole Mehringer can be seen being pulled from the car by Glendale Police. She avoids the camera, but she is seen being placed under arrest for public intoxication.

Sgt. James Kelly is unable to walk straight. He cannot pass a field sobriety test. After trying repeatedly to walk in a straight line, he is arrested by Glendale Police on suspicion of DUI.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that the Glendale Police are conducting the criminal investigation. He added that the LAPD Personnel Standards Bureau will be handling the internal investigation.

Both may be facing consequences regarding their actions that go beyond any criminal charges that may be filed.


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