L.A. Cops Issue St Patrick’s Day Warnings

CBS Los Angeles Channel 2 / KCAL Channel 9 Local News reported recently that Los Angeles area authorities made multiple statements to press outlets this week imploring area residents not to drive while impaired on St Patrick’s Day, traditionally one of the most problematic days of the year for drunken or impaired driving. 

“The California Highway Patrol is committed to making California’s roadways safe for all who use them. Remember to buckle up, slow down, don’t drive distracted, and never drive impaired. If you chose to celebrate, please do so responsibly by designating a sober driver or making other arrangements to get home safe.” the Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol stated in a news release to the press.

“Don’t make poor choices and allow yourself to mix alcohol or drugs with driving,” stated the chief of the El Monte, California Police Department. “It only takes one intoxicated driver to change the lives of many forever.”

“Think of your safety and that of others before deciding whether it is safe for you to drive,” the Director of the California Office of Traffic Safety said in a statement. “We urge all drivers to make getting home safely part of your celebratory plans.”

Law enforcement agencies in the L.A. area noted they’d be engaging in intensified patrols, keeping an eye out for impaired motorists. 

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