John Stamos Receives Probation for DUI

John Stamos

We often hear of celebrities being arrested for various offenses. DUI seems to be a common offense that celebrities are faced with in Hollywood. It can also seem that celebrities often escape jail time for their charges.

John Stamos is such a celebrity. The former star of Full House was arrested last June on charges of suspicion of driving under the influence. The actor was also briefly hospitalized after the arrest because the substance he had taken was unknown.

Stamos finally came before a judge in court to answer the charges last week. Or, rather, his lawyer did. The actor’s lawyer entered a plea of no-contest to the charges on his behalf. The drug that the actor had taken was not brought up in court and is still unknown. Still, the Superior Court commissioner handed down a sentence to Stamos.

Stamos was ordered to serve three years probation as penance for his charges. He was also ordered to attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and a counseling session. Both Stamos’ lawyer and his publicist declined comment following the hearing.

Stamos currently stars in the comedy on Fox called “Grandfathered,” and is working on a reboot of Full House.

Stamos’ record may be expunged and dismissed, providing that he completes his sentence.

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