John Stamos DUI Court Date Pushed Back

John Stamos

DUI charges can ultimately affect your life in numerous ways and for a long time afterwards. Not only can you lose your license, you can face jail time. Even celebrities occasionally find themselves facing these kinds of charges.

John Stamos of Full House fame has an arraignment for DUI charges that has been pushed back to Nov. 24th. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reported this at the end of last week. It had been previously scheduled for this past Friday at 8:30am. A spokesperson for the office was unable to state why it had been postponed.

The actor was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence of unknown substances. It is a misdemeanor charge. The arrest occurred near Canon Drive and Brighton Way in Beverly Hills. Stamos’ arrest came after concerned witnesses reported the actor behaving strangely and driving erratically.

If convicted, Stamos could face up to six months in county jail. The incident is still under investigation by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

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