Jackie Warner Accepts Plea Deal

A while back, we discussed the arrest of Jackie Warner, a fitness star, on this blog. Now the results of that case have come through. The LA Times reported that she has accepted a plea deal.

In return for pleading no contest, the charges were dropped to wet reckless. She has to complete an alcohol education program and serve two years of probation. She was facing felony charges that could have put her in prison for six years, much of it stemming from backing into a police cruiser at the time of the accident.

She was not drinking at the time, according to her defense attorney. She was on Ambien, a sleep aid, and wasn’t conscious of anything that was happening at the time of the incident. Warner remembered driving, then came out of her stupor in jail. The attorney believes that they would have won at trial.

Sometimes a plea deal is good, sometimes it is bad. It is always up to the client to make the final decision, but without a lawyer on your side to weigh the options and fight for your interests, any deal you get from the DA could be a choice between bad and worse.

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