IID Program Expands

Driving under the influence (DUI) in California causes accidents and hardships to thousands of people over the course of the year. Legislators have come up with ideas to stop the epidemic of impaired drivers. Moreover, it’s focused on those who might be repeat offenders.

The law that’s currently in a pilot program places an Ignition Interlock Device on vehicles of offenders. The interlock devices prevent possible repeat offenders from starting their vehicle if they blow over a certain blood alcohol level.

Hopefully IID will eliminate the crime of DUI and people driving under the influence,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Josh Nelson.

This particular program will go into effect for a number of counties. The data will be collected, and the interlock devices are scheduled to go officially statewide in 2019. The measure itself is intended to prevent people from getting into more accidents.

It is very rare to have licenses actually revoked permanently with prior DUIs, though they may be suspended. This can lead to very difficult decisions if you have a DUI charge. This device would make it more difficult for people to drive while under the influence without having to suspend licenses.

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