Ignition Interlock Devices Appear to Reduce DUI


Drunk driving in California is a serious, something which must be curtailed. To stop offenders from driving drunk, the court systems can install an interlock device – basically, it’s a device which won’t allow the vehicle to run until the driver blows sober into it.

Just how effective are these devices though? Are they worth the hassle of installation?

A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania says yes, that having the interlock devices can be quite beneficial for the other drivers on the road. There has been, according to their findings, a 15% decrease in deaths from alcohol-related crashes from people who use the devices.

Right now, California is running a pilot program for the interlock devices in a few counties. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), the program has been very successful. “They have stopped over 124,000 drunk-driving attempts since July 2010 in California. And these devices separate drinking from driving as long as they are installed on an offender’s vehicle. So, we know these devices are effective.”

Currently, the Senate is considering making these particular devices mandatory for all offenders. The choice will be to get an interlock device or to run the risk of having no transportation to the job by having the license suspended.

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