Hummer Rams into Hotel Wall


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In San Dimas, California over the weekend an extended stay motel had to be partially evacuated after an intoxicated male rammed his Hummer SUV into a wall. He was attempting to get into the room of his mother and sister according to reports. Richard Melendez. 28, of Bell, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and related charges.

Deputies were called to the Extended Stay America Hotel on Bonita Ave just after 1 a.m and arrived in time to see the suspect drive the vehicle into the exterior wall. The Hummer stopped just inside his mother and sister’s room after striking the wall up to ten times. It was reported that before he resolved to use the vehicle, he had been pounding on their door.

Melendez was reported to have been carrying a firearm and was also intoxicated. Deputies had to resort to subduing him with a stun gun. No one in the hotel was injured and his wife and four children were asleep in a room across the hall at the time of the crash.

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