Horse Rider Charged With DUI After Trampling In Parade In Sacramento

A person can be charged with DUI even when simply sitting in their car if they are intoxicated, even if that car is parked. Of course, the legal limit for blood-alcohol levels in California is .08% for adults over the age of 21, .01% for those under the age of 21 and .04% for those who have a commercial driver’s license. It is understood that operating any kind of motor vehicle while intoxicated can lead to DUI charges, but what about other, older forms of transportation? It turns out that a person can be charged with DUI while riding a horse if they are intoxicated. CBS Local Sacramento reports on a rider who was charged with DUI after his horse trampled a young spectator in a parade.

Colusa Police report that a man was riding his horse under the influence when he lost control of the animal in an annual parade held last Friday.

The parade, which goes down 10th Street is an annual event that kicks off the county fair. One spectator said that it was the best parade that they have had in years.

One of the main attractions comes near the end of the parade when the mariachi music kicks up and horses begin dancing in the streets.

Armando Martinez Ruiz was one of the riders who was taking part in the parade. Despite his best efforts, his horse got spooked and threw him. The horse then trampled a young spectator, causing a broken leg.

Other riders and spectators attempted to corral the horse, but the animal was able to get away. It was finally caught well off of the parade route.

Police say that Ruiz was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the incident and have charged him with DUI.

The young boy had to have surgery on the broken leg.

Ruiz has bonded out of jail.

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