Hayley Hasselhoff Arrested for DUI

The saying might be “Don’t hassle the Hoff”, but David Hasselhoff’s daughter was discovered doing something she’s going to get a lot of hassle for according to the Huffington Post. Police say that she was found DUI.

Hayley Hasselhoff was arrested on Saturday around 4 AM. She was found on the 101 Freeway at the Fallbrook offramp, stopped and passed out at the wheel with her foot on the brake pedal. Witnesses called 911 to report the incident.

After bringing the vehicle to safety, they gave Hasselhoff field sobriety tests, which she failed. She was taken to a hospital for evaluation and then to jail.

This is a bad mix of circumstances. Passing out behind the wheel in such a dangerous location is a sure way to get attention. Witness statements, a failed sobriety test, and a likely hospital blood test will make it difficult for Hasselhoff to avoid a penalty even with a lawyer.

Still, having a DUI lawyer on your side in the courtroom is helpful even in seemingly hopeless cases. There may be something you missed that a lawyer can catch. Even if there is no hope to drop the charges, a skilled lawyer can temper the final sentence.

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