Hand Severed in DUI Crash


DUIs can have more than just legal repercussions. Accidents caused by DUIs can have severe physical and psychological effects that last a lifetime. Injuries can be severe, both for the DUI driver and anyone else involved.

A DUI accident claimed a man’s hand on Thursday, February 18th.

The incident occurred on the Interstate-15 off ramp in Mission Valley, California. A man driving a white pickup truck crashed into the off-ramp guard rail. The off-ramp was to Friars Road. The California Highway Patrol said that the accident severed the man’s hand. It was at about 9:40 pm.

The driver was suspected of DUI and was taken to the hospital with injuries that were considered life-threatening, a CHP spokesperson said.

Witnesses describe the driver of the vehicle driving recklessly prior to the accident. He was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.

Police closed the off-ramp in order to search for the man’s hand. The off-ramp reopened shortly before 11 pm. There is no indication as to if the man’s hand was found.

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