Great-Grandmother Punches DUI Suspect for Injuring Family

Judge's hammer

In Las Vegas, Nevada, a great-grandmother has pleaded no contest to a charge of misdemeanor battery. The pleading came last Thursday in response to charges filed against the woman.

Lindona Thompson, 64, had attacked a man after a pretrial hearing in a courthouse hallway. The man is facing charges involving striking and killing Thompson’s son. While Thompson did not appear in court, her attorney entered a plea on her behalf.

Thompson was fined $100 and was ordered to attend impulse control classes by Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa. The judge also ordered the woman to stay out of trouble for 90 days.

The man that Thompson attacked was Gary Richard Adair, Jr. Adair is due to face trial on March 28 since pleading not guilty to charges of reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs in a 2014 accident. The accident claimed the life of Kadar Brown, Thompson’s son.

Kadar Brown had been changing a tire on the side of U.S. 95 in Las Vegas at the time of the accident.

As to the reasoning behind Thompson’s attack on Adair, she stated that she was frustrated by delays in his trial.

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