Former Astronaut Charged with Heavy Crimes

A former astronaut charged with reckless murder after an accident that claimed the lives of two girls will be allowed to keep his driver’s license.

60-year-old James Donald Halsell may keep his drivers license but a Judge’s order earlier this week. However, he will face some tight restrictions. He will not be allowed to drink alcohol, consume illegal drugs, or take medicines he does not have a prescription for. The will be tested for drugs and alcohol twice a week.

Halsell will also have to have an ignition interlock device on his vehicle which must always be operable.

Back in September, prosecutors allowed Haskell to drive while the case was pending. However, they changed their position after learning that Haskell had been on probation for causing a DUI crash in California back in 2014.

Halsell was arrested on June 6, 2015 after authorities determined that speed and alcohol were factors in a fatal accident. In the crash, Halsell crashed into the rear of a 2015 Ford Fiesta. The crash pushed the Fiesta across the median and flipped the car twice.

11-year-old Niomi Deona James and 13-year-old Jayla Latrice Parker were not wearing seatbelts. They were ejected from the vehicle during the accident and were both pronounced dead, Niomi on the scene and Jayla at a nearby hospital.

Troopers searched Halsell’s Motel 6 room after noticing signs of intoxication. They found an empty bottle of wine, and an empty 10-pack of sleeping pills. Halsell told authorities he did not remember the crash.

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