Former Actress Avoids Getting DUI Sentencing Extended

Sometimes a DUI sentence can last for years, but there are still actions that a DUI defense attorney can do on appeal. These actions can even be necessary if a prosecutor is especially zealous.

In 2010, Amy Locane-Bovenizer, an actress, was convicted of vehicular manslaughter, DUI, and other charges. She was released in 2015 after serving around 3 years in prisons. Prosecutors and the family were outraged that she received such a small sentence for killing someone and seriously injuring another.

An appeals court wanted to know why the judge reduced the sentence, which should have been from 5-10 years. The judge has admitted that the sentencing should have been at least six months longer, but has denied requests to put Locane-Bovenizer back into prison to serve an additional sentence. He believes that her actions since her release have proven that she is not a threat to society.

Her defense has argued that the whole situation was an accident in the first place.

It would be terrible to think that you got a lenient sentence only to have it extended thanks to appeals. But if you have a DUI lawyer on your side, you can defend yourself even if you’re in prison. If you are in Los Angeles, call our DUI defense team today for a free consultation. Don’t let the prosecution run you over.


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