Five Hit and Runs in Fifteen Minutes

One hit and run accident is bad enough. But five from the same individual on the same day? That might be a new record, if what this report from San Diego says is true.

According to police the man, drunk at the time, struck a pedestrian in Vista. The driver sped off and left the injured man behind with hip and shoulder pain. As the police were investigating the incident, they received two more calls of hit and run from the same vehicle. The driver may have been deliberately hunting for pedestrians and striking them. The third collision was with a vehicle, but it wasn’t enough to disable the driver’s vehicle, a white Ford Explorer.

Then a fourth hit and run was called in. Same vehicle, this time two pedestrians. Witnesses say that the driver was speeding. After a fifth confirmed collision, the police were able to get the vehicle trapped and the driver arrested. In all, the entire situation unfolded in just fifteen minutes.

The driver has been slapped with more than a dozen charges, including charges of attempted murder. Testing showed that his BAC was double the legal limit.

It appears that there is much more than simple intoxication going on here. Fortunately, none of the people hit were killed, though some had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Regardless, it’s quite likely that this driver will not be available to avoid jail time.

If you know that you have a problem with alcohol or are going through a rough time, don’t drink and drive. You could end up doing something very rash like the driver in this case. But if you have been drinking responsibly and still got charged with a DUI, contact our Los Angeles Accident Attorneys for a free consultation. We can help you.


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