Fitness Star Jackie Warner Charged with DUI and Other Charges

As we’ve shown on numerous occasions, celebrities can be arrested for DUIs as well. This time, it’s fitness guru Jackie Warner. According to Fox News, Warner was charged with misdemeanor DUI, hit-and-run, and felony assault on a police officer.

Apparently, Ms. Warner suffers from insomnia.  There is a possibility that she was taking Ambien, according to Warner’s attorney. The full details of the case aren’t known, just that Warner’s car rolled back to jar a police car.  She was supposedly compliant with the officers at the scene.

Jackie Warner has apparently been going through ups and downs throughout her life.  Seh was going through a mid-life crisis after she turned 40 and sold her Beverly Hills gym.  She tried to find a new purpose in life, and that she’s finding that she’s stronger since rejoining the gym.

There are so many mitigating circumstances when it comes to DUI.  Was the person intentionally driving under the influence, or were they tired? Were there other factors which may or may not be published on the report? After many years of DUI defense, we’ve seen quite a number of things.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, give us a call.  We are experienced DUI defense attorneys in the Los Angeles area and we are ready to help you. You have just 10 days after your arrest to save your license.

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