Fiery Crash on the 405 Leads to Arrest

An early morning accident may not leave enough time for the news to explain to all the other drivers why their commute was delayed. The 405 freeway got a taste of this last Saturday. Here’s what we know from NBC Los Angeles.

Around 3:30 AM at Century Boulevard, a crash happened that set one of the cars on fire. By the time police got there, at least one person was dead. The police arrested one of the driver’s for suspected DUI. The investigation lasted for at least five hours from the freeway closure. Police didn’t speculate on why the crash happened or who might have been at fault.

A driver who witnesses both a car fire and a fatality can be quite shook up. This can make them fail things like field sobriety tests and lead to a DUI arrest. Yet even the fact of a DUI arrest can permanently change someone’s life, even without a conviction. The consequences of DUI conviction can follow you for the rest of your days.

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