Felony DUI Crash Kills Mother of Six

Typically, a DUI charge in California is a misdemeanor. However, there are certain circumstances that can make a DUI, even your first, a felony. The first instance where a DUI can become a felony is if the DUI results in the death or the serious injury of another. A DUI can be charged as a felony if you have three or more DUIs or “wet reckless” convictions in the previous ten years. The third way a DUI can become a felony is if you have at least one prior felony DUI conviction. NBC Los Angeles reports on a woman facing felony DUI charges in the fatal crash that claimed the life of a mother of six.

An arrest was made following the accident that claimed the life of a mother of six last on October 6th.

21-year-old Alexia Cina was allegedly driving under the influence when she crossed the center median, plowing head-on into a car being driven by Katie Evans, 37. Evans had been returning home from the hospital after visiting her premature twins at the time of the accident.

Evans was pronounced dead at the scene. A secondary accident occurred when another vehicle struck the two Hondas involved in the initial incident. After the accident, a toxicology report showed that Cina had a blood-alcohol content of .21, which is nearly three times the legal limit of .08.

Cina is facing charges of felony vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence. She is currently booked at the Santa Clarita Jail with a bail set at $200,000.

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