Fatal Crash In Fullerton Blamed On DUI

As many already know, California has “enhancements” that can be added onto a DUI charge. Instead of being separate charges, an enhancement charge is filed at the same time as the DUI charge and is meant to increase the penalty one would normally face for a DUI. For example, a DUI charge alone may just be a misdemeanor. However, if the DUI involves an accident that seriously injures another person, it can be upgraded to a felony. The enhancement charge of “causing great bodily harm” can be added, which could increase the amount of prison time, probation, length of license suspension, and the amount of the fines the driver is charged. 

Fox 11 Los Angeles reports that a driver has been arrested in a DUI crash in Fullerton that killed another driver. The crash occurred at about 3 p.m. on Friday at the intersection of South Raymond Avenue and East Orangefair Lane. 

An unidentified 25-year-old man was driving a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 south on Raymond at a high rate of speed. The Ram broadsided a 1964 Chevrolet Malibu SS that was turning westbound on Orangefair. After the initial impact, the truck flipped several times before coming to a rest in the southbound lanes of Raymond. 

Paramedics pronounced the 80-year-old driver of the classic Chevy dead at the scene. The other driver, who was seriously injured, was taken to a hospital. He was also placed under arrest for felony driving under the influence causing great bodily injury. 

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