Fatal Crash in Cypress

Alleged DUI drivers don’t take off for holidays. Over the weekend, a three-vehicle crash killed one and possibly injured others.  One person was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony drunken driving.  

According to The Press Telegram, authorities responded to an accident that happened just after midnight in Cypress.  The suspect was driving westbound and ran a red light, colliding with two other vehicles.

The driver of the vehicle careened off of one, then rammed into another vehicle.  A passenger in one of the vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene. The others who were also involved in the accident were taken to the local hospitals just to keep an eye on their condition.

The person who allegedly did this already had a DUI that was pending in the court system. The formal charges haven’t been filed against him.  He also pled no contest to driving without a license in 2015. 

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