Emergency Landing May Have Been DUI Related

Most DUI incidents happen in cars and trucks. It’s rare to see it in people who fly, but it does happen. Professional pilots aren’t allowed any alcohol before flight but small plane owners aren’t always so circumspect. Alcohol may have been the reason behind today’s story from KCRG.

A small plane pilot made an emergency landing in the parking lot of a warehouse in Los Angeles. When police arrived to investigate, they arrested the pilot for DUI. On the way down, the plane clipped a stop sign.

The pilot’s story is that he got lost. His flight plan said that he was to go from Temecula to San Diego to the south. Instead, he went the opposite direction and ran out of fuel over Los Angeles.

Instrument error or intoxication? Either way, the pilot is going to have to face the court and possibly lose his pilot’s license. Anyone flying a plane should avoid alcohol no matter what their experience level is. There are too many things to pay attention to and too many risks for public safety to risk any sort of intoxication.

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