Elderly Couple Killed By Alleged DUI Driver

A majority of DUI charges are only misdemeanors under California law. However, a charge may be upgraded to a felony if there is injury or death involved in the accident. Additionally, if a person already has three or more misdemeanor DUI convictions on record, they may be charged with felony DUI. One man is facing felony charges in a suspected DUI crash in Valley Center, as NBC San Diego reports.

Just miles from their home, a couple celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary were killed in a crash brought about by a suspected DUI driver.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon, just five miles from the couple’s home in the 28000 block of Lilac Road. The driver of a Ford Explorer, who was 27, crossed into their lane and struck their Mercedes head-on. Evidence at the scene indicates that the driver may have been driving under the influence. She was airlifted to Palomar Hospital and is expected to survive.

The victims in the crash have been identified as Bobby, 83, and Alleta Jo Durant, 81.

Friends and family remember the couple as very family oriented, and said that the pair have been inseparable since marrying after high school when Bobby was 19 and Alleta was 17.

They moved to California together 20 years ago and began growing avocados together.

Residents who live in the area say that the street is dangerous. They attribute the dangers to speeding and nearby casinos. They believe that the casinos contribute to incidents of drinking and driving.

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