DWI Man Leads Police On Fiery San Fernando Valley Chase

The Malibu Times reported on the arrest of a man for felony DUI after an incident that led police in a high-speed chase in the San Fernando Valley last week. 

According to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga Station, a 47-year-old Los Angeles man was driving recklessly during mid-day on Tuesday, hitting multiple parked cars. Police said he hit up to ten parked cars, numerous guard rails, and even described the driver as using his vehicle as a weapon with a wanton disregard for public safety. Sparks from the axle of his trailer even started a seven-acre brush fire, a major danger in fire-wracked California this summer. 

Police said that given his behavior, they had no choice but to pursue him, and a high-speed chase ensued down the San Fernando Valley, into Topanga Canyon, and onto the Pacific Coast Highway. Police units eventually used nonlethal bean bag rounds against his vehicle and then tackled him once he stepped out. The aftermath created a huge backlog of traffic in the area. 

The man now faces charges of felony DUI with injury after admitting to being on drugs at the time of the accident, and may even face charges of assault with a deadly weapon after the reckless driving spree.

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